Whether a passionate performer or avid audience member, experiencing what might be considered 'good theatre' has the wonderful potential to provide the perfect sense of pure escapism and engagement. In saying this, for many, the theatre world can be a daunting place. Often confronted with sensory overload, it is not too uncommon for theatregoers to feel somewhat overwhelmed with choice and confused about what the theatre scene has to offer them, especially with regards to the quality of locals productions that they are looking to invest their time and money into.

The Theatre Room (TTR) provides thespians of varying demographics a thorough, yet most importantly, concise look into current amateur and professional productions and theatrical news. This approach promotes an increased ease in accessibility to the most relevant information.

Productions are reviewed by TTR via a criterion-based method of assessment. Nine separate components of a theatrical performance have been identified as contributing significantly to the overall experience of an audience. Each component is allocated a score which, when collated, results in an overall percentage awarded to the production. In reviewing this way, theatregoers are offered a very visual and logical representation of a show, whereby areas of excellence as well areas for improvement are presently in an exceptionally overt and accessible manner.

In the interest of supporting our youngest performers in developing into confident and passionate performers, TTR, whilst endorsing junior and school productions, does not review them via this same method. Rather, junior productions are simply promoted.

In addition to providing reviews and production breakdowns, TTR encourages its audience to become immersed in current theatrical news and discussions. TTR is pleased to offer thespians of all backgrounds a platform that allows them to engage with the opinions, ideas and creative outpourings of like-minded peers on all things theatre, whilst also afforded the opportunity to contribute to the discourse.

Although TTR is based in Melbourne, with a keen focus on the Melbourne theatre scene, it is a particular priority to deliver national theatre news and reviews where possible. In addition, in the name of supporting and endorsing live theatre, TTR provides advertising opportunities for theatre companies Australia-wide to take advantage of.